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At Patankar Law P.C., we understand how important your children and their well-being are to you. We also realize how difficult it can be for parents as they navigate the legal process regarding their parental rights and responsibilities. Following a divorce or breakup of an unmarried couple, the law in Illinois encourages parents to work together in finding a custody and visitation plan that meets the needs of each parent while keeping the child's needs as the top priority.

Compassionate Child Custody Attorneys

Recent changes to Illinois law have updated the state's approach to child custody considerations, now referring the to process as the "allocation of parental responsibilities." The amended law eliminated the formal concepts of sole and joint custody in favor of a more cooperative, fluid method of dividing parental responsibilities and parenting time. The experienced family law attorneys at our firm are prepared to help you and the other parent reach an agreement that fully protects your rights and promotes your child's best interests.

In a divorce proceeding involving children—or any child-related matter following the breakup of unmarried parents—the law requires the parents to submit a proposed parenting plan to the court. Each parent may submit his or her own proposal, but it the process is made much easier when the parents develop a cooperative plan. By law, a parenting plan must include a number of considerations, but the most important elements include each parent's responsibility for significant decision-making regarding the child and a parenting time schedule.

Parenting Plans in Illinois

According to Illinois law, the two primary elements of child custody are significant decision-making authority and parenting time. Significant decisions refer to any matter that will have a long-term impact on the child's life, including health care, education, religious training, and extracurricular activities. Authority for these decisions may be shared equally between the parents, split in accordance with each parent's areas of strength, or allocated solely to one parent. The attorneys at Patankar Law P.C. can help you determine how to best divide decision-making responsibilities regarding your child.

We also work with both mothers and fathers in creating a schedule for parenting time, formerly known as "visitation." Both parents, regardless of their assigned decision-making authority, are presumed to have the right to reasonable parenting time with their child. Our lawyers understand that every family's situation is unique, and we will help you develop a customized arrangement for your individual circumstances.

Child-Related Litigation Attorneys in Kane County

Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined legal experience and have helped many clients throughout the region with their most challenging family law concerns. We believe that the most effective custody and visitation arrangements are the result of cooperative negotiations, but we realize that litigation may be necessary to achieve a resolution. Our lawyers are prepared to advocate on your behalf both in and out of the courtroom.

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